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Design and Branding Strategy
MA-Brunel University


The following information was taken directly from Brunel University's printed postgraduate prospectus.

“The course aims to prepare students from design and other creative disciplines to design innovative strategies and act as a catalyst for change in the design, branding and related professions, businesses, education and other organisations.

You will develop high-level skills and creative thinking and learn to communicate clearly strategies for successful brand building, futures forecasting and change management. You will benefit from contact with design and branding professionals through the excellent network of industry/profession support enjoyed by the School.

Typical modules:

• Design Research, Creativity and Innovation
• Design Management and Marketing
• Branding Strategy
• Project Management
• Design Futures
• Specialist Project and/or Placement
• Dissertation.”

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Students like Tasuku Iwano who studied Design and Branding Strategy at Brunel University in London have used their international degree experience to develop innovative organizations around the globe. Tasuku works for an animation company called CIA Inc.. The Brand Architect Group which is based in Tokyo, Japan.

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