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Medical Anthropology
MSc-Brunel University


The following information was taken directly from Brunel University's printed postgraduate prospectus.

"Medical anthropology can be described as the study of cultural beliefs and social practices associated with the origin, recognition and management of health and illness. It covers not only issues concerned with 'lay' or 'folk' understandings of the causes and the management of disease ad other forms of sickness, but also the more informal systems of health care that exist worldwide (such as self-treatment,folk healers, shamans, traditional birth attendants, and alternative practitioners) as well as those associated with professional Western science-based medicine. In addition it concerns issues that relate to different cultural views of the self in health and disease, as well as shared beliefs, images and practices associated with perceptions of the human body.

The Brunel MSC was the first taught Master's degree dedicated to medical anthropology in Europe, and is one of the largest European social anthropology programmes."

Modules include:

• Clinically Applied Medical Anthropology and International Health
• Ethnographic Research Methods
• Body and Person: Anthropological Perspectives
• Anthropology of Public Health
• Dissertation

If you may have further questions or concerns about this program at Brunel University in west London or for other programs please contact representative Popabroad for more information.

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