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Renewable Energy and Resource Management
MSc-University of Glamorgan


The following information was taken directly from the University of Glamorgan's printed postgraduate prospectus.

"This Master degree addresses current worldwide concern about climate change, renewable energy supply , low carbon economy, sustainable management of water and solid resources, and hydrogen as a fuel vector for the future. You will develop cutting-edge knowledge and high-level practical skills relevant to many areas of postgraduate employment, particularly managerial, regulatory, scientific and technological roles related to energy and the environment.

The course is delivered by members of the Sustainable Environment research Centere (SERC), a leading and internationally recognised centre for over 30 years. Your studies will increase your knowledge and understanding of the generation and provision of renewable energy, hydrogen, water, wastewater treatment and solid wastes management. You will become familiar with e impact of policy and legislation, renewable energy technologies, waste management hierarchy and techniques, water and wastewater treatment. You will also train in relevant computing software, and analytical and monitoring equipment used by industry.

The UK renewable energy industry is set to increase dramatically, with estimates that 17,000 and 35,000 jobs will be sustained in the power sector alone by 2020 and the market growing to £15-19 billion,(Mott MacDonald). This MSc will provide the wealth of knowledge and skills needed for employment in a range of public and fast-growing commercial sector roles. These include local authorities, government regulatory agencies, manufacturing industries, energy and environmental consultancy companies, water companies, research centres, and national and international non-governmental organisations.

Course content:
• Hydrogen-Fuel Vector for the future
• Renewable Energy 1-Hydro, Tidal, Wave and Bio-energy
• Renewable energy 2- Wind, Solar and geothermal
• Solids Resource Management
• Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes
• Energy and Environmental Policy and Legislation

This is a Full-Time one year program

If you may have further questions or concerns about this program at the University of Glamorgan or for other programs please contact representative Popabroad for more information.

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