Lodz is a city situated in the center of Poland. This third largest metropolis in Poland. Lodz is best known for its splendid history as a textile empire in XIX century, remnants of which are present throughout the city in a number of beautiful Art Nouveau palace and factory complexes that used to belong to representatives of four cultures: Polish, Jewish, German and Russian. The buzzing atmosphere of entrepreneurship and progress was best described in the book by a Nobel Prize winner, Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont, entitled: “The Promised Land”.


‘Holly-lodz’ gives another face to the city in more modern times, making a connection to Hollywood. Names such as Roman Polanski, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Witold Sobocinski, Janusz Kaminski, and many others are paved on Piotrkowska Street – the longest main street in Europe – commemorating the city’s contribution to national and international cinematography. The famous School of Film and Television Studies is situated there and Camerimage - the world Festival of Film Photography – is held there every year.

Nowadays, Lodz is known for being an academic, cultural and entertainment center attracting numbers of students, artists and tourists. It hosts five public universities and a polytechnic as well as a number of specialized private colleges, all of which contribute to a buzzing and lively atmosphere. Manufaktura, the newest hot spot for shopping, entertainment and events, Contemporary Art Museum and other galleries, is mindfully placed in an old factory complex. This is just one example of how Lodz is transforming while embracing its unique heritage.

Rebuilt from the lost textile empire, Lodz is also experiencing an increase in the economic growth, which is seen by the construction of vast residential spaces and by organizations like Gillette, Dell, Bosch, etc, setting up production and administration facilities. Lodz city center is also easily accessed by a high-speed train and an international airport with connections to various destinations throughout Europe. All of these qualities make Lodz a place worth experiencing.

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